Interview with: Brett MacCulloch

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Hello guys, how are you? Wow, I still can not believe I got an interview with one of my inspirations. Everyone knows I’m a big fan of alternative style and admire many girls from the internet because of this, Brett is one of the girls I have as inspiration. I’m a big fan of her work, she does amazing makeup that leave me open-mouthed.

When I contacted Brett on Facebook, I never imagined that she would respond to my message with a” YES”, and I almost had a heart attack when I read her answer, since I am a great admirer of your work (I said that already, right? *o*).

Brett MacCulloch is 18 years old, lives in Canada and works with artistic makeup. She also has a YouTube channel where she teaches how to do many cool makeups. Brett is a fan of art and horror movies!

So folks, let’s check out the interview with this lovely diva? – My God, I’m very happy HAHAHAHAHA

1. What motivated you to follow the alternative style that you follow today?

R: I really admire the style, I feel comfortable and myself. If I were to have a different style I just wouldn’t be myself. It gives me confidence.

2. You are well known (famous) here in Brazil and we are big fans of your work and style. When did you first become interested in makeup and what is your source of inspiration?

R: Thank you! I find inspiration in horror styles, or Tim Burton type things. I love blood, and SPFX.

3. What do you expect from the future? Some project in mind?

R: I would love to get into some type of modeling, and also into the Special Effects makeup. They’re two passions of mine.

4. Where from did the idea to teach other girls makeup?

R: I got a lot of requests, or people asking me to make videos to help them out, and I thought it would be a good idea so I started posting videos. I’d like to get more into making youtube videos, so hopefully more will be coming!

5. Muitas pessoas assistem seus vídeos, você se tornou famosa na internet. Mas na vida real, essa fama é algo complicado?

R: No, not at all I love it! There is a bit of drama, the fact that more people know you, you get more people hating you, especially for no reason, but it’s not something that bothers me. I tend to just push those people away and go on with my life.


6. How do you define your style?

R: I’d consider my style kinda of trashy, alternetive. 

7. Which hair color that you had was your favorite? And that you did not know and would like to have?

R: Pink will always be my favorite! I’ve had my hair every colour, but I would like to have my hair split half black, half white at some point.

8. From all your videos / work, what is your favorite?

R: I would have to say the makeup look I did of Freddy Krueger.


9. A favorite place in the world?

R: Japan! I love the style, and I think it’s an all around beautiful place.

10. And to finish! Brett, you are the inspiration for many girls, including me, but what is the inspiration for Brett? Who or what inspires you?

R: Thank you! Durga Usagi is a big inspiration, I love her work, and also Eva Di Martino.

11. Message to the Brazilian fans?

R: Thank you everyone who’s been supporting me I really appreciate everything.

Follow Brett on social networks, so you stay on top of news and fantastic makes of this diva.


I hope you have enjoyed the post and for those who do not yet know Brett, I hope you enjoyed it too.

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